About Us

We want our clients to have everything they need by providing them with a seamless organisation to support, guide and anticipate their requirements. We bring together the most talented people across all communication disciplines: creative, media, digital, design, performance, activation, PR. The embodiment of this idea is to create a place where teams can work side by side as often as our clients need us to.

This is Havas Village.

We’re proud to be the most integrated Group in our industry, with most of our creative and media teams sharing the same spaces. You’re as likely to find a Havas Village in South-East Asia as you are in Northern Europe, South America or Australia. Every Village is unique, but shares a common ethos and creative energy.



  • Meaningful Brands

    Meaningful Brands <br><br>

    Being meaningful is good for business! Our Meaningful Brands study shows that consumers will reward brands who want to make the world a better place and who reflect their values. A massive 77% of consumers prefer to buy from companies who share their values.

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  • Our Services and Capabilities

    Our Services and Capabilities

    Founded in 1835, Havas employs 20,000 people in over 100 countries. Havas is the most integrated Group in its sector, with most of its creative and media teams sharing the same premises, designed to increase synergies and creativity for its clients.

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  • Creative Business Ideas®

    Creative Business Ideas®

    In a multi-channel, interactive world of digitally empowered consumers, advertising is no longer about ads. It’s about brilliantly integrated creative ideas. We formalized our approach to these ideas and gave them a name: Creative Business Ideas®. 

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  • The True Story of Charles-Louis Havas

    The True Story of Charles-Louis Havas

    Hungarians are usually raising their eyebrows when hearing the name Havas. Not by chance!
    Get to know the adventurous life of our founding father and find out what links him to Hungary.
    True story!

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